The Birds: An Update and Possible Retraction

2014-06-19 11.37.17

It seems that I may need to retract some of my vitriolic rant against Woodpeckers.

I had the g-babies here for several days along with their other grandma who actually knows something about birds.  After some observation of said birds, a few sparkle waters, and a perusal of the Birds of Colorado Field Guide, we ascertained that the birds to whom I have become attached (Tree Swallows) actually “nest in former Woodpecker cavities.”

Okay, so the Woodpeckers got there first – but they are so much bigger.  I think we have a case of Clybourne Park in the wild going on at the Schnabin.

In the meantime, I have moved the owl which was purchased to scare away the terrible Woodpeckers who are taking over the world (pictured above with Hazel who is making it even scarier) to the back balcony.

The “birds” are using it as an outhouse and it’s just gross.