It’s been a year since my parents died within 5 weeks of each other.  Many, many times I have wished that I could ask them what they thought about this or that.  Unfortunately, neither of them wrote down their thoughts – well my dad did in the form of sermons, but they have all disappeared.  As so many before me, I wish I had asked more questions and listened better.

My husband, Russ, has given our children a gift in his art and poetry.  This blog is my attempt to share some of my thoughts too – for now and for posterity. I hope that I can do it in person for a long time to come, but ya never know.  So, here goes…

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Good for you , Sydney. I’m doing something similar, only different format–transcribing and electronically filing all my letter,daries and journals of the past 50 years.


  2. I’ll do my best to keep up with your musings. I blogged during our journey to Laura. It was therapeutic, a valuable means of communication, and has become a hugely valuable way to remember those times.


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